Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful ways to change your behaviours, thoughts, feelings and responses to problems. It can help you to release the old, unwanted habits and begin to create new ones. Read more


I can help you with:


  • sleep disturbance
  • smok cessation
  • weight control
  • overcome phobias and fears
  • reduce stress
  • deal with anxiety and panic
  • pain management
  • anger management
  • change habits
  • improve your self-esteem
  • relaxation
  • build confidence

Smoking Cessation

Break the habit and stop smoking NOW. Start your new healthy life. You know you want to QUIT.

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Weight Control

Do you want to change your relationship with food and return to the shape and size you should be? 

Book 4 sessions in advance and get 20% discount!!!

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